Chris Guedri Wins Million Dollar Verdict for Truck Wheel Explosion – Shutts v. Magnolia Enterprises LLC

Attorneys P. Christopher Guedri and Robert C. T. Reed from the law firm of Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen were recently awarded a million dollar verdict by a Charlottesville jury in the case Shutts v. Magnolia Enterprises LLC. This personal injury case involved an exploding truck tire.

After getting his truck serviced by the defendant’s tire service station, the plaintiff suffered severe injuries when the defective truck wheel exploded. The plaintiff had removed the wheels from his 1964 Ford 650 dump truck to repair a leaking axle seal. Later when he went to clean a removed wheel, the two-piece rim separated and caused a forceful explosion. The explosion was the result of the defendant installing both the incorrect size and the incorrect type of tire for plaintiff’s truck, as well as inflating the tires beyond the recommended capacity for the rims installed. The defendant’s actions disregarded both OSHA and industry standards.

As a result of the exploding tire, the plaintiff suffered multiple fractures and lacerations to both hands that required surgery and months of physical therapy. He was diagnosed with a permanent disability even after extensive medical treatment and as a result of his injuries he is no longer able to pursue a career in his family business.

The case was highlighted in the June 30 2014 issue of Virginia Lawyers Weekly and can be found in the following article, “Truck wheel explosion left plaintiff with 36 percent impairment.”